Friday, July 1, 2011

Selecting Your Custom Wedding Stamps

custom wedding stamps

Why would you consider using custom wedding stamps? There are many reasons that these can be of tremendous benefit to you. For one thing, they are a good way to actually reduce the cost of your wedding stationery. This is because you could use the simplest and plainest invitations and envelopes when relying on custom wedding stamps that feature your engagement or wedding photos.

There are more than just a few types available and they can use custom art and images, be selected to match the style or theme of your wedding event, or even be relied on to serve as the focal point of the mailing.

Need an example? Let’s say that you have a very basic invitation style. For our example we’ll say that you have a cream colored card stock and matching envelopes. You have opted for a charcoal grey ink, and this leaves things a bit on the “plain” side. You decide to liven up the envelopes using custom wedding stamps. The main envelope has a stamp with your engagement photograph on it in full color. The RSVP envelope has a stamp that matches the color scheme you have selected for the wedding d├ęcor. You also opt to order stamps for your bridal shower invitations too, and these are in the same hues and shades as the RSVP card stamps.

You like the looks of this so much that you decide to stick with the more basic stationery for the thank you cards, and you have one of your favorite wedding photographs printed on the custom stamps.

Choosing this route would allow you to create a tremendously personalized set of wedding oriented stationery, and all without breaking the bank. People would probably opt to keep your mailings and even the envelopes as souvenirs of a memorable event.

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