Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swan Wedding Stamps

Classic Swans together in a heart shape look beautiful on elegant black & white wedding stamps. Available with text saying "Our Wedding", RSVP stamps, and personalized stamps with the names of the bride & groom.

Swan Wedding stamps
Our Wedding stamps
Swan Wedding stamps
Personalized Wedding stamps
Swan RSVP stamps
Swan RSVP stamps

Custom Wedding Stamps by PM Custom Weddings

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wedding Monogram Stamps

Enhance your wedding invitations with elegant Wedding Monogram stamps. We have classy silver monogram stamps with a beautiful damask background. Give your personal touch to your wedding invitations with unique monogram stamps. Our silver monogram postage will compliment any color scheme.

Silver Monogram postage - letter A stamp Silver Monogram postage - letter B stamp Silver Monogram postage - letter C stamp
Silver Monogram postage - letter D stamp Silver Monogram postage - postage E stamp Silver Monogram postage - letter F stamp

Our silver and damask monograms are also available on matching Wedding Monogram stickers to use as envelope seals on your wedding invitations.
Monogram Wedding Stickers - letter A sticker Monogram Wedding Stickers - letter B sticker Monogram Wedding Stickers - letter C sticker

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Elegant Wedding Flower Stamps

Elegant Wedding Stamps with beautiful wedding rings and a rose on a satin pillow trimmed with pearls. Your wedding invitations will stand out with our unique wedding stamps, also available with text saying Our Wedding, RSVP stamps, and Thank You stamps.

Click here to see our latest selection of - Wedding Stamps

Wedding Flower postage stamp
Wedding Flower stamps
Wedding Flower postage stamp
Our Wedding postage stamps
Wedding RSVP postage stamp
Wedding RSVP postage

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